A voice in this world.

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of my first-ever blog, The Rob Report, starring self-proclaimed expert common-sense commentary on nearly everything from me, your host, Rob Morgan.

As we’ve just met, perhaps a bit about me to start. I am an undergraduate student and employee of a large local university. I have lived in St Louis for the past 3 years, and have been a proud Missouri resident for all my 26 years. I used to live in rural Missouri near the well-known town of Troy.

I am one of the so-called “Millennials”. I am also a member of the so-called ‘9/11 Generation’, as my senior year of high school was marred by that great tragedy.It was that fateful day, as I sat ironically in U.S. History class watching live on CNN as thousands of my fellow countrymen perished needlessly, that I realized for the first time this politics business CAN and WILL affect everyone. Naiveté: shattered. Innocence: lost.
I felt nearly the same way when Barack Obama was elected President. I felt it again watching Congress listen to, then not-so-politely ignore the will of the People, repeatedly.
I decided to get involved. I decided to care. And today, of all days, I’ve finally decided to participate. The time has come in the course of this Human’s Events that he can no longer remain blissfully ignorant!
This is my blog. This is me turning my face to the heavens and shouting “I have a voice, I am speaking, AND YOU WILL HEAR ME!!”
I am just one, but WE are Legion.

I attended the first big Tea Party in St Louis on April 15th, 2009,  and it too opened my eyes. I’ve never protested anything publicly in my entire life. Heck, I’d even watched protests on TV in the past before and wondered “Gee, don’t all these screaming people with signs have anything better to do?”

But, when I arrived at Kiener Plaza that evening a strange thing happened; I felt home. I realized, at long last, that I wasn’t alone. My views and opinions, regarded as lunacy by many people I know among Academia and the university student body, aren’t so crazy and there is, in fact, an entire army of people who agree with me! This revelation inspired me to expel the silence I’ve maintained as a member of “The Silent Majority” and to finally not only speak out, but demand to be heard.

I decided when I woke up this morning that today would be the day I quit thinking about publishing my blog and just do it. That raised the question of what my first ever post should be about. The answer came to me from an unlikely place: The US Flag. See, I have my Flag hanging on my wall in such a way that it is the last thing I see when going to bed, and the first thing I see when I wake up. As I gazed lovingly upon it, I came up with the concept of the unity it’s parts represent.

I called my concept “13, 50, and Me”. 13 stripes, 50 stars, and little ‘ole Me. On their own they are mostly powerless and inconsequential. 13 stripes, what are they going to do? Doesn’t mean anything! 50 stars,  impressive number, but doesn’t really have a huge significance. And me? What do I matter? I’m just an idiot college kid under 30 and only 3 years removed from being a corn-fed right-wing yokel farmboy.

But, when those 13 stripes stand together side by side, and those 50 stars align, well brother all you have to add is a bit of blue and now you have the most powerful symbol of freedom from tyranny in the known world.

So, where does me fit in there? I am the bit of blue. And the stripes, the stars? They’re everyone else, standing beside me and each other, united as one under the giant banner of one BIG FREAKIN’ IDEA: Liberty.

We must stand together by Liberty as we look out from this great day upon the crossroads of history and admit truthfully to ourselves that we have no map, as it is still being written. The future is by no means static, and we, together, as One, still retain the tools to change it.

One the note of Unity I’d like to leave you today with a video created by my great friends at 24thstate commemorating the one year anniversary of the first St Louis Tea Party where I and so many others found our voice. It really is quite a moving tribute.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my words today and that you’ll consider hearing them again in the future, possibly you’ll even subscribe.

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