Brewer to Obama:”The Nation Is Waiting”

This is a great video by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. It illustrates just how utterly lame the responses made by the White House are to the border situation, especially the signs they put up basically telling people to stay out of that part of the US, our own country, due to dangerous people and situations. This results in a de facto ceding of these areas to the illegals and drug cartels. Unacceptable!

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5 Responses to Brewer to Obama:”The Nation Is Waiting”

  1. ramv36 says:

    I have a post about global warming?

  2. James Rogers says:

    Dear Administrator;
    Maybe I should not try and post here. The article I was posting to was the video about global warming. Now when I look at the top of this page, it has been placed under the Brewer/Obama debacl. I have no comment for that yet. I guess you may as well delete all my comments until I can figure out how to get it right.

  3. James Rogers says:

    Dear Administrator:
    I was told that the first post failed due to errors in my name. I reposted with corrections not knowing the first post was actually recorded. If you would be so kind as to delete my first post and allow the second one to stand as my actual comment.
    Thank you,
    James Rogers

  4. James Rogers says:

    There are those of us who believe that the cost to taxpayers in column two would lead to the same destruction of our way of life as the ones who believe in doing absolutly nothing in column three. Some of us believe there is no “global warming” and that it’s another political scam by the progressives to get and control vast amounts of taxpayer dollars. Al Gore has ammased 500+billion dollars and bought a mansion on the pacific ocean which should go into the sea in a few short years by his estimation. Al Gore is only one of several who are profiting from this “scam” And if dedicated men keep their eyes and minds open to what’s really going on in politics, they will find this to be a scam on a larger scale as was H1N1 virus of a year ago. There was no pandemic then and thousands of H1N1 vaccines have had to be destroyed, again at tax payers expense. Everytime Chicken Little screams “the sky is falling” should we tax payers just put our heads in the sand and hand over our tax money and give them permission to do whatever they want. All they want is control of us, should we just hand it over? NO, I’m following the money. I wan’t to know who’s getting how much and for what purpose.

  5. There are many among us that believe the “cure to global waring” is so costly as to reduce us the the same world that you said would happen if you did nothing. Therefore doing nothing or spending an immense amount of taxpayer dollars on “green” program will lead us to the same disastrous end. And, there are those of who believe there isn’t any such problem as “global warming” and “follow the money” to see who is profiting from this “scam” Al Gore, worth over 500million lives in an oceanside mansion not worrying about the rising ocean. I still say “follow the money”, after all, it belongs to the tax payers and some of us would like to know who’ pocketing it.

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