19th Annual International Left-Handers Day 2010!

International Left Handers Day 2010
Left Handers Day

In case you weren’t aware, I am a proud left-handed American, and today is our official day! Of course it’s Friday the 13th. See, left oppression in action. Even African-Americans get an entire month to celebrate their heritage, we just get one day despite being the 10% of the population in control of 25% of the world’s wealth!
As much as I disagree with Barack Obama’s policies, he is left-handed, and we have to stick together. More of our US Presidents have been left handed than not.
Other famous left-handers to remember today:
Leonardo da Vinci
Benjamin Franklin
Alan Keyes
Ross Perot
Bill Gates
John McCain
TWO out of 9 Supreme Court Justices (double the statistical expectation)Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Anthony Kennedy
Steve Forbes
Barack Obama
Bush Senior but not Bush “W”
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
King George II
Henry Ford
Fidel Castro
The last TWO PMs of Israel
John Dillinger
Jack the Ripper
The Boston Strangler

And you can find hundreds more Here

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