Democratic Congresswoman Brings Thug to Town Hall to Intimidate People

Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL8) sends in the thug
Special thanks to P/Oed Patriot

Intimidation politics in Illinois? Who knew? Would you be somewhat intimidated if this big scowling guy got up and started walking around every time you asked a question? Why would a congresswoman hold a town hall and to discuss policy and blow half the time on a presentation about why credit cards are bad?

Who says they’ll answer your questions….after they leave?

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One Response to Democratic Congresswoman Brings Thug to Town Hall to Intimidate People

  1. JeanWTPUSA says:

    On Thursday, August 12, I was there at the meeting with Representative Melissa Bean (IL-8) that was held at the Round Lake Library. The meeting was billed as a Financial Education seminar to teach citizens how to manage their credit card debt. What happened at this meeting was anything but educational. During the meeting, which I attended, citizens started to ask questions about jobs, government spending and the federal deficit. As you can see from the video, every time a citizen would attempt to ask a question, Melissa Bean’s THUG, who we were told worked for the Round Lake Library, would walk over to that person and hover over them to intimidate them. This is exactly what was shown in the video even though it has been edited. The THUG was not bending down to reading anything, as some blogs are now saying. He was bending over a person who was asking Bean a question to intimidate her. I was about 6 feet away and saw it all. This Thug exhibited the same behavior which went on during the course of the entire meeting without Bean saying a word about the blatant intimidation she knew her constituents must be feeling. I don’t care if the Thug worked for the library. Bean could have stopped the Thuggery at any time and refused to do so. She even “chuckled” when it happened.

    It is obvious from Bean’s obfuscation that she chose this type of forum so she would not have to answer any direct questions about her voting record. Instead of having an open Town hall forum where citizens are free to have a dialogue with their Representative, Bean chose to have a representative from the Illinois State Treasury come in and lecture her constituents on how they should pay down their credit card debt and start saving. How ironic when the Federal Government has spent over 13 Trillion dollars and the majority of the states are on the verge of bankruptcy.

    I, along with many others in attendance, felt that every attempt to ask Bean a question was either “shut down” by Bean personally or through the intimidation tactics of her THUG. This was a “PUBLIC MEETING” and at all public meetings video taping and recordings are allowed. I don’t believe that this is the type of “transparency” that we were promised? Do you? Why do you think that Bean feels that this kind of Thuggery is acceptable? The answer is, because she can get away with it! Just like she took Charlie Rangal’s dirty money, Bean only cares about Bean and NOT her constituents.

    People can try to spin this any way they want. If attendees appear frustrated, it is only because Bean has not taken the time to engage her constituents. Bean has NOT held any Town hall meetings during this recess and she refused to debate her opponent. This is the forth “Financial Education” seminar Bean has held, where she took only a few questions from the audience and “ducked out” of the meeting early to avoid having a dialogue with anyone that would dare question her. Requests to meet with Bean either publicly or privately have gone ignored and the only response her constituents get is a “form” letter.

    No one deserves a Thug in their face for asking their representative a question. I don’t care who the Thug works for. Bean and her staff had meetings with the library personnel and security team prior to the event. Did she instruct the Thug to act in this matter. I bet we will soon find out because someone, probably the Thug, is soon going to get thrown under the bus.

    If you don’t condone this type of behavior by Bean, please donate to her opponent’s campaign, Joe Walsh and help us get rid of her.

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