Bias in Higher Education? An example.

Religious America Has to Stop

The above article was written and published by the editor in chief, Sequita Bean, in last week’s edition of The Current, the student newspaper of The University of Missouri-St. Louis. This is a glaring example not only of bias in reporting, but simply bad writing form. To be fair, this was an opinion piece, but I found the writing terrible! I’m not sure if there were space constraints or a lack of time, but the story seems very heavy on unfounded opinion and impression and almost completely lacking in fact.
Where are the facts and sources to back-up some of these assertions? Where is the contrasting viewpoint to frame your argument? Where is the context, historical or otherwise?
So, there you have it: The product of the current liberal establishment press in academia.
Impressed? Disgusted? Let’s hear it!

You will also notice from this article that Sequita blames religion for terrorism against us, hate from other nations, and our lack of social progressivism. And here I thought they just hated us for our freedom.

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