Missouri farmer Kip Cullers sets new soybean yield record!

Missourian Kip Cullers sets soybean yield record

Take that Iowa!

“Cullers, who lives near Purdy, has set a new soybean-yield world record of 160.6 bushels per acre, Gov. Jay Nixon announced today. Cullers has achieved multiple world records for soybean yields, including the most recent record of 154.57 bushels per acre, which he established in 2007. By contrast, a typical Missouri acre yields about 40 bushels a year.”

And if you don’t want to do the math, 160.6 bushels/acre is an astounding 250% increase over 40 bushels/acre! And of course 40 bushels/acre itself is a staggering increase from the productivity levels of a hundred or even 50 years ago. Without such advances in agriculture it would be impossible for only a few thousand farmers in about four states to feed billions in dozens of countries.

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